2020-07-27 19:31:29
How Medicine Saved the World

How Medicine Saved the World

Throughout history, natural disasters and diseases have struck and led to devastating consequences. However, the innovations of several doctors and researchers drove the creation of medicines and scientific advancements that helped guide entire civilizations out of dark times. Thanks to some of history s most notable healthcare discoveries, there are countless people happily living today who might not have gotten that chance if these problems were left unchecked.

Revolutionary Discoveries

One example of a world changing discovery is the vaccine that treated Polio. This infectious disease caused by the poliovirus would cause physical disabilities and would rapidly spread before any symptoms would arise. Major outbreaks of this disease occurred in the 19th and 20th century but have been recorded in ancient times as well. In the 1950s, the world's first Polio vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk and later brought to commercial use in 1961 by Albert Sabin. It s hard to imagine what the world would have looked like if the Polio vaccine never happened, but the thought of the disease spreading with no barriers is a terrifying concept.

The 1950s are also notable for another tremendous medical advancement. The first successful organ transplant. From there on, many operations were successfully performed over the coming years, and doctors began to solve the complex challenges that prevented these procedures from becoming mainstays. Nowadays, transplants are common all over the world with increasing success rates, and millions of lives have been saved.

Many lives would also have been lost if not for the discovery of penicillin. This antibiotic was used primarily in World War II but discovered years prior by Dr. Alexander Fleming during his own experiments. At its time, penicillin was praised as a miracle drug that could be used to combat many infectious diseases and led to the discovery of even more cures. For all it accomplished, penicillin is regarded as one of the most important medical discoveries ever made.

Future Endeavors

Those are just a few examples of discoveries that revolutionized the medical field and saved countless lives, but there are numerous advancements just like these happening all throughout the course of human history.

There are several problems today that will have huge impacts like these when innovations are made in the future, mostly centered around finding the cure to prevalent issues that affect society today. Countless research institutions and medical experts are working tirelessly to cure issues like cancer and AIDS. Progress is slow, but it s only a matter of time before a breakthrough is made and the history books are changed forever.

That s why in the future, it s likely that even more complex procedures will be performed by building on the foundation established by those discoveries. It s thanks to those past innovations that many are even alive to discover new ones in the first place! We can hope that as time goes on, even more lives will be saved and newer discoveries will solve problems and prevent future disaster from happening at all.