2020-07-18 16:03:16
Do Prescription Drugs Help or Harm the fight of Auto-Immune Diseases?

Do Prescription Drugs Help or Harm the fight of Auto-Immune Diseases?

Having an autoimmune disease is a life-changing illness that causes you to have limitations in your life. Autoimmune diseases come in many forms and doctors don t know the causes to any but they subscribe different medications that are supposed to help ease the pain of the attack and slow down the progressions. The chemicals in the medications can be so potent that the side effects can slow down the person with the autoimmune disease themselves. It poses the question are the medications helping or harming the body that is already attacking itself?

Medication Side Effects

There are several different types of autoimmune diseases, but they all have one thing in common and that is that there is some kind of inflammation in the immune system. The most common medication for these types of diseases is immunosuppressants. Although immunosuppressants are meant to suppress the reaction of the immune system attacking itself, it also weakens the immune system in the process. Since the medication makes your immune system weaker it creates side effects that still hinder you from living life the normal life as possible as you can. Some of the side effects of these medications are having a fever or chills, unusual and frequent fatigue or exhaustion, and chronic lower back pain. Also, because the medicine makes your immune system weaker you become more susceptible to infections.


Not only does the autoimmune disease hinder you from things that can actually make you feel better and help your body, so does the medication. For example, exercise helps to get your blood flowing and has anti-inflammatory effect, however, if you are suffering from the side effects of the medication, it s hard to find the energy to exercise. If one of the side effects from the medications is major fatigue then is your body ever feeling rested? Also, immunosuppressants make it easy to gain infections. If the person s body becomes infected, then the immune system has to work twice as hard to not only fight itself but also the infection.

Alternative Ways to Help Fight Auto-Immune Disease

Most autoimmune diseases need these medications to keep the disease from progressing, however, some holistic treatments can be done at home to help fight the side effects and possibly reduce the dosage of the medication needed. To increase your energy levels autoimmune disease patients should monitor what foods they are putting into their bodies. Patients should add foods with fish oils, vitamins C and D, and probiotics to their diets and avoid processed foods. Scientists believe that metal and mercury are a major cause of autoimmune diseases, so patients should have their doctor get them checked for metal toxicity. Along with metal toxicity, tests for other hidden illnesses that may contribute to the disease like viruses, yeast infections, or any form of bacteria should be done as well.

There re some people with an autoimmune disease who are limited to certain exercises or can t do any form of exercise at all. An alternative that will help get your blood flowing and keep your muscles flowing is yoga. Yoga allows you to work and stretch your body without strenuous movement. Whether you choose all of the alternatives or some, it s important to rely on more than just the prescription medication because it can help maintain your life but not necessarily make you stronger. These alternatives will make you feel less inflamed and not so limited in your life.